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  • In today’s job market, it is becoming more and more common for employers to require prospective employees to hold some type of degree, whether it be a certificate or career diploma, or a Master’s degree. Over the years, there have been numerous studies which have shown a direct correlation between employment rates and individuals who hold some type of college degree. Studies have also shown a correlation between graduating college and having a higher earning potential.

  • In addition to the potential to earn a more over the span of one’s career, holding a college degree truly expands the spectrum of opportunity in terms of career choices. Clearly, an individual with a high school diploma cannot go out and procure a position as a doctor or lawyer. The same is applicable in multiple other job markets including the healthcare industry, the criminal justice system, and most notably the information technology field, which is growing by leaps and bounds.
  • Obtaining your college degree could have an impact on your career path in more ways than you think. When job hunting, connections can be invaluable. Persons met while studying can actually have a very positive effect on future employment prospects. These people can include professors, administrators, and even fellow students. Higher education simply produces a better-rounded person, which may be very attractive to prospective employers.