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Art and Design


A degree in Art and Design may open the door to infinite career possibilities. Artistically-minded students may choose to pursue a bevy of majors including graphic design, fashion merchandising, audio technician, architecture, art director, animation and game design, illustration, set design, web design, production, museum curator, motion picture editing, and many more. As technology moves forward, industries and professions are being born nearly every day. Individuals who hold degrees in Art and Design may pursue careers that did not even exist 20 years ago.


Not unlike other degrees, Art and Design majors could expect to study fundamental subjects such as English, Mathematics, History and Science. Courses which are major-specific are typically introduced after general required courses are completed, although a student may choose to take the two course types in tandem. Depending on the area of study, most art and Design degrees are offered at all levels, from certificate to Doctorate.


College is not solely about earning a degree. The vast majority of courses available strive to prepare students for their professional lives. A degree in Art and Design aims to prepare students to work in a variety of fields – both creative and technical. Students may expect to learn about practical application of skills learned, visual application, and more.

There may be abundant opportunities for the students to introduce themselves in the job sector, depending upon their knowledge and qualifications. Art and Design graduates may be recruited by ad houses and agencies, along with reputable galleries. Students who earn theatrical degrees could start their careers as assistant directors, scriptwriters and find employment in the media agencies.