Degrees in Business may be among the most commonly awarded degrees today. It goes without saying that these degrees are typically earned in preparation for specific career goals. A degree in Business could help open the door for students to pursue to a laundry list of professions including advertising, economics, finance, human resources, marketing, entrepreneurship, international business, operations management, and more. Students may choose to earn a more general degree, such as business management, or they may pursue a more specific degree such as healthcare or hospitality management. Generally, an undergraduate degree in Business may be a perfect step toward earning an MBA, which may really positively affect an individual’s professional life.


The number of Business degrees is almost dizzying. Students may select from a wide variety of specializations including but not limited to:

• Specialized Sales
• Management
• Information Services and Systems
• Merchandising
• Marketing
• Operations Insurance
• Management Sciences and Quantitative Methods
• International Business
• Human Resources
• Hospitality Administration
• Entrepreneurial enterprises
• Finance and Financial Management Services
• Construction Management
• Managerial/Business Economics
• Accounting and related services
• Commerce
• Business Administration
• Advertising
• Communications


Like most other degrees, Business degrees may be available on all levels from certificate to Doctorate. Students who pursue undergraduate degrees in Business eventually may move on to earn their graduate degree, the most common of which is the Master of Business Administration, or MBA. This is a postgraduate degree which is earned by students who have mastered the study of business, as the name suggests. MBA students could expect to study the theory and application of business and management. Most commonly, students may pursue their MBA in order to advance their professional lives. Salary increases, promotions, and overall job potential typically could go hand in hand with this degree, potentially making it an arguably lucrative investment. Some students choose to earn their undergraduate in a specialized field, including engineering or healthcare, then move on to their MBA to potentially open up wider employment opportunities.

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