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Information Technology

The demand for skilled professionals in the field of Information Technology may be growing by leaps and bounds. As technology advances and grows, so might the need for individuals who have earned a degree in one of the various Information Technology majors available today. Information Technology umbrellas several majors, offering something for just about everyone interested in this particular field of study. It should be noted that Information Technology degrees differ from Computer Science degrees in that students study management and information science specifically. An emphasis on business and communication should also be expected by prospective students looking to earn this particular type of degree.

Students who are interested in designing, programming, and technology in general may want to consider this degree.


Students pursuing a degree in Information Technology may have a broad range of majors available to them, including but not limited to:

• Computer Programming
• Computer Software
• Media Applications
• Computer and Information Sciences
• Network Security
• Computer Science
• Systems Analysis
• Web Services
• Computer Engineering
• Computer Graphics
• Information Science
• Web Design


As with most degrees, students generally must complete core subjects such as Math, Science, and English; however, Information Technology degrees typically emphasize these subjects until the late third to fourth years of school when students can expect to take much more specialized classes with specific respect to their degree. These specialized classes include courses such as Communication and Networking, Database Management Systems, Systems Development Technique, Project Management, and other IT-specific electives.


Degrees in Information Technology can be earned at any level, although the most common is undergraduate. Students who wish to pursue their graduate studies typically pursue work in fields which require very advanced knowledge, qualifications, and certifications.