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Doctorate Degree


The Doctorate degree is the highest form of formal study available in the educational system. Students whom are mostly interested in research-oriented studies and have a scholastic knack may opt for the Doctor of philosophy (PhD) degree. This course usually spans over four to eight years depending upon the amount of credit you take upon in a semester.The learning technique is a bit different from its lower counterparts and involves more arduous efforts.

Students who are interested in pursuing their Doctorate for career gain may wish to pursue a professional Doctorate such as a Doctorate of Medicine of Juris Doctorate.

Generally speaking, there are two additional types of Doctorates: the Higher Doctorate and Honorary Doctorate. The Higher Doctorate is typically recognized abroad and is based on a higher tier of research Doctorates. The Honorary Doctorate, on the other hand, is awarded when a university wishes to formally recognize and individual’s contributions to a specific field.


At present, there are numerous US universities that have the required infrastructure to provide students with Doctorate degrees. Strict guidelines have been laid for the admission in these universities in the United States. Students must possess a Bachelor’s Degree in the specified field as the primary requirement for admission in the courses; some institutions do require Master’s Degrees. Students also must have qualifying scores in either GRE or GMAT.

GRE - This eligibility test consists of three sections - Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning and Analytical Writing. Verbal reasoning establishes the level of your vocabulary. It generally consists of 30 questions and the time allotted for it is 30 min. The quantitative reasoning section will assess your ability to reason. It consists of data interpretation, quantitative comparisons and discrete quantitative problems. Time allotted for this is 45 min. The last section will test your personal views and opinions. Essays are given, and they extract your views and arguments from this. Time allotted for this is 45 min within which you have to complete your argument along with suitable logic in 30 min.

GMAT - People who appear for these examinations generally advance in the finance related courses. The structure is similar to the GRE.


It is not uncommon for a school to have a minimum grade point average (GPA) expectation. Many universities require a 3.00 or above to maintain participation in its doctoral program. Doctoral programs, with the exception of professional degrees, will be overseen by a supervisory committee made up of members of the field of study the student is pursuing. These individuals are responsible for conducting exams, accepting course work, and approving the student’s dissertation, which is required and is the final step in awarding a Doctoral degree.