Within the modern educational system, degrees in Education may be becoming more and more sought after. The most commonly earned degrees may be in preparation to enter academia as a teacher; however, it should be noted that students may also pursue other professional aspirations including child development, guidance counselor, occupational and physical therapy, and other options.


Students may have a bevy of options available to them when selecting an Education major, including but not limited to:

• Teaching – preschool, K-12, middle, secondary, etc.
• Administration
• Education Technology
• Guidance Counseling
• Subject Area Supervision
• Library/Information Services
• School Social Work
• School Psychology
• Occupational and Physical Therapy
• Audiology and Speech Pathology
• Special Education
• Boards of Education
• Curriculum Supervision


The curriculum for earning a degree in Education is structured much like other degrees; students must complete traditional courses such as English, Math, and Science. Specialized courses are mixed in with this curriculum and are specific to the student’s chosen major.

Education degrees are typically offered at all levels, from certificate to Doctorate. Individuals typically select their need for graduate studies based on their chosen career paths. Some professions require postgraduate studies, others do not.


Students could expect to gather core skills via their degree in Education. Some of these skills may include:

• Knowledge of Math, Science, History and English or foreign languages
• Ability to observe
• Application of problem-solving skills
• Ability to analyze different teaching methods
• Classroom management and discipline
• Ability to understand child mentality

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