According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Nursing is one of the occupations with the largest numeric growth projected through 2020. Over 300,000 new positions are expected to be added, leading to a 20% growth in employment. These positions will account for 28% of all new jobs created in the U.S. economy.

Think about it – people will always have a need for the care of their health, and with a growing & aging population, the Nursing industry may grow larger with a demand for more and more skilled professionals. Combine this with recent advances in medical technology, and Nursing may become one of the most attractive, promising career choices available to graduates today.


Much the same as other degrees, Nursing curriculums include core subject areas including English, Mathematics, and Science. These are typically completed within the first 1-2 years of schooling. Once finished, students move on to more specialized courses. Typical courses can include but are not limited to:

• Nursing Care Management
• Introduction to Nursing
• Clinical Studies
• Mental Health Nursing
• Pharmacologic Basics
• Nursing Leadership
• Care of Childbearing Family
• Clinical Skills
• Maternity Nursing
• Care of Infants, Children, and Youth
• Pathophysiology
• Mental Health Nursing
• Community Health
• Nursing Research
• Anatomy & Physiology
• Health Assessment
• Gerontology
• Public Health Nursing


Under the umbrella of Nursing, there are a wide variety of potential career paths and venues graduates could pursue. Because the scope of Nursing encompasses so many different areas of practice and different employer types, the career possibilities could be seemingly endless. Some choices available to individuals who hold nursing degrees include the following, but keep in mind that various positions may require graduate degrees while others only require undergraduate degrees. It is important to research prior to making any decisions. Now on to your future career choices!

• Travel Nurse
• Midwife
• Newborn Intensive Care
• Maternity
• Critical Care
• Emergency
• Surgical
• Pediatrics
• Occupational & Industrial Health
• Cancer Treatment
• Women’s Health
• Psychiatric/Mental Health
• Administration
• Policy Development
• Research
• Personal Services Contracting
• Temporary Staffing
• Underwriting and Claims
• Forensic Nursing
• Law
• Quality Insurance
• Healthcare Administration
• Information Management
• Patient Advocacy

In addition to a bevy of potential career choices, here are some venues in which individuals with Nursing degrees may work:

• Hospitals
• Insurance companies
• Pharmaceutical
• Law firms
• Healthcare advertising agencies & websites
• Clinics and medical centers
• Hospice
• Nursing homes
• Public and private schools
• Private households
• Healthcare staffing agencies
• Government health agencies
• Senior centers
• Mental health facilities
• Outpatient surgery centers
• Peace Corps
• Private offices and clinics
• Colleges and universities
• Centers for nursing research
• Prisons
• Military