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Privacy Policy

Privacy/Security Policy

It has always been our highest priority that our clients are able to experience a comfortable and safe visit to our website while we ascertain:

  • That their privacy is respected,
  • Any information entered by our visitors are kept safe and confidential,
  • Data protection is maintained at all time.

We also guarantee that any and all personal information provided:

  • Is never shared with any individual, company, or organization without explicitly expressed permission from our visitors.
  • All data provided are always held in line with data protection legislation.
  • All data provided are stored in a protected database.

To that we can confirm that our data security policy is operated independently or together with our data management partners and sponsors and it meets the requirements of all recent Privacy legislations.

Online Privacy Opt-in
Personal information is gathered only when one desires to register at any of our specialized websites to obtain data, newsletters or other information and opportunities. Our policy strictly aims at keeping all personal information private and is only used to satisfy the purpose for which it was submitted.

Data Sharing
Our policy strictly forbids sharing of information with any third party organizations or individuals without the expressed permission of the clients. Our registered users are free to obtain a summary of their information stored on our records at any time. Our registered users are also free to edit / delete any information provided by them from our database at a time of their choosing.

Data Aggregation
Our servers automatically save the domain name, IP address of the computer, preferred Internet Service Provider, operating system, browser information and preferences of our users and stores this data to analyze and recognize broad demographic and psychographic trends. The information is used to help us evaluate the appeal and quality of the information provided by us and ensures that what we offer to our visitors is relevant and useful. Unless one registers with us, their information cannot be used to for the stated purpose.

With the intention to provide our visitors better service we may make use of cookies to store information. A cookie is a small piece of data stored on the computer that is used by the browser and understood and read solely by the relevant servers to obtain data about the browser’s previous activities and preferences. All browsers will work with cookies, but one can set their browser to reject or accept them, depending upon their preferences. If the browser rejects cookies, once can still get access to our sites but some of the features may not be made available.

Children and Privacy
Some of our web pages provide content relevant to children. In compliance with our policy requirements we collect no information online from or about children below the age of 13 except when there is a need to identify a submission or to answer a question. Any such instances where related information is collected on web pages, it will be explicitly marked to the same effect. Unless required by relevant laws and parental permission is obtained in writing, the collected information will not be used to serve any other purpose apart from those stated and will not be shared with third parties.