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According to the National Center for Education Statistics, or NCES, there are nearly seven thousand Title IV institutions today. Each school offers a variety of majors, so choosing the right one for you may feel overwhelming.

As the saying goes, if you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life. When considering which major to choose, many students first consider their passions. Those with a flair for writing may consider majoring in English. Those with a natural bedside manner and the drive to help others could look into medicine. There are seemingly endless possibilities. Becoming familiar with various majors and finding out what they entail is a great first step.

Art & Design

Students with a creative approach to life may consider a degree in art, design, or fashion. There is a wide variety of majors within this category – some technical, some creative. These include drafting, architecture, design, art education, art history, fashion, fine arts, drawing, graphic design, photography, website design, interior design, and many more. Students typically have a more hands-on approach with art & design majors and can plan to spent a large portion of their time in studio.


Perhaps one of the most common choices, majors that fall under the Business category vary greatly. The most common Business majors equip students with an understanding of the core functionality of corporations and other such entities. Focuses include marketing, accounting, finance, human rseources, international business, and management.


The common misconception is that a degree in education can only lead to a teaching profession; however, there are several majors within this umbrella which have nothing to do with teaching. Students may choose to pursue degrees in developmental psychology, child development, and others. This being said, students can also choose to of course get into teaching at anywhere from primary to college levels.

Information Technology

Those with a passion for science and technology should consider a degree in Information Technology. Majors in this field have a core focus on science, computers, and technology. There is a broad spectrum of degree choices including engineering, design, drafting, and more.

Criminal Justice

Have a passion for the law, justice system, or simply wrong versus right? A degree in criminal justice opens the door to a plethora of career choices including detective, warden, coroner, corrections officer, paralegal, and more. Students can expect to sharpen their skills in various areas including writing and presentation, quantitative, research and scientific methodology, ethics and moral values, knowledge of the legal structure, and the ability to identify and analyze social issues.


The scope of Culinary degrees is surprisingly vast. Individuals who earn a degree in Culinary have many professions venues to choose from including casinos, hotels, restaurants, resorts, hospitals, and more. The demand for private Culinary professionals is growing as well. Individuals who have a passion for cooking and hospitality should consider this degree.

Healthcare and Nursing

Individuals who have a passion for helping others should strongly consider a degree in the healthcare field. There is an incredible amount of majors available for students pursuing a degree in healthcare. Some of the top paying professions are medical. Choices include healthcare administration, physical therapy, dental assisting, health information technology, and various nursing degrees.

Liberal Arts

A degree in Liberal Arts is typically extremely broad. Math, science, arts, and language can all be considered part of the liberal arts. Degree choices include Science/General Studies, History, Visual and Performing Arts, and English Language/Literature.


Vocational degrees, also referred to as certificates and diplomas, are heavily focused on a specific trade or profession. These types of degrees are typically shorter in length and place a strong emphasis on preparation for a specific job market. Majors include welding, care management, medical assisting, automotive technology, baking & pastry arts, technical support, veterinary technician, and many more. This degree is perfect for individuals who are ready to get into the job market but require specialized training.

A Bright Outlook

It is important to note that not all majors are available via all degree levels; some majors are only offered at the undergraduate level while others may be pursued at the graduate level. While it is important that students pursue their passions and choose a degree based on what they love, it must be said that education is an investment. Students can tap into numerous resources via the internet which explain what to expect within any given profession, job outlooks, salary projections, and more. Job growth potential is something that students should also look at when choosing a degree, especially those whose focus is on preparation for a specific profession. Whatever one’s chosen profession, more and more employers are requiring some type of formal education as a basis of offering employment. Schooling is likely one of the most worthwhile investments a person can make.

Learn More About Each Subject

Art and Design

This is for the students who have a creative approach towards life. The course focuses on subjects like theatre, painting, graphic design etc. The students need to have a very hands-on approach for these as they can never be learnt by reading books. After acquiring their degrees, they need to meet their perspective recruiters with their portfolios which they need to develop themselves.


It is all about what it sounds of: Business, or to be precise, the buying and selling of goods in a way so as to make profit. Such a degree gives one the required knowledge and skill to effectively carry out any business ventures, small or large. The important subjects to be considered are marketing, finance and human resources.


This degree is for students who want to take up teaching as their profession. The course focuses on ways in which they can mould young minds to grow up healthily, and be successful in life. The course materials differ according to the level in which the student wants to teach in, elementary or K-12 etc. Topics like management, psychology and general education are covered to give the students a basic understanding of the situation they have to deal with at their profession.

Information Technology

This degree completely focuses on technological fields, like website administration, programming languages and logic. This is for students who have a way with computers and have their bases well-cleared on mathematics and reasoning.

Criminal justice

The knowledge of what is right and what is wrong, what goes with the law and what does not is what comprises of this degree. Students who are inclined to step into the judicial system of the country, or practice privately take up this degree. It focuses mostly on the justice system, how to implement the laws, and the policies and their ramifications.

Culinary Arts

Interested in cooking for a living? This is the course for you. This is one subject which will always be in demand, because people are always inclined towards spending more for tasting good food.


This degree is the most important for the ones who want to delve towards the medical industry. The students get to learn how to guide the patients to a healthy life. Being one of the fastest growing careers in the country’s economy, these degrees are now in great demands. The curriculum varies according to the level of study pursued by the student.

Liberal Arts

This course is one of a kind in the sense that unlike the others which focuses towards creating job opportunities for the students, this one is more concerned with instilling knowledge in the mind of the students.


A recent survey has revealed that only 38% Americans hold a bachelor’s degree, which implies that almost 60% Americans are not degree holders. But almost everyone is working over here. These types of jobs which do not require a formal education or degree are known are known as trades and it is noteworthy to remember that they are the driving force behind the American economy. Traders require some special skills which are obtained through training.