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Terms Of Use

Information Collection

Customer privacy and their right to personal information are maintained at all time. No information submitted by the customers is collected, stored or used without the authority of the customers themselves. However as a part of our attempt at data mining and aggregation for improving our online services, automatic data collection and statistics are drawn from all our customer’s online activities on our webpages. The same is done in order to enhance the quality of our service and provide better resources to our valued viewers and customers.

What Types of Information Do We Collect About You and Why?

All personal information collected from any and all our customers are subject to expressed agreement and permission of the providers. The information collected includes but not limited to name, e-mail address and unique personal identifiers (e.g. - Date of Birth). In light of above, please note that all rights regarding submission and usage of information are reserved by the customers and such rights are not violated apart from that which is already stated. However subject to above rights, personalized services might be unavailable to those who choose not to enter and allow usage of relevant information.

Please note that all personal information gathered is intended for use for the following purposes only:

(a) To provide requested services and offer programs and products that conforms to a customer’s preferences;
(b) Improve online services and offers from DegreeNexus and our affiliated companies and partners;
(c) Personalize customer experience and offer content and advertisements suited to their needs;
(d) Provide personal interaction with customers regarding their queries and difficulties;
(e) Conduct voluntary surveys regarding usage of content and offers provided by DegreeNexus or its affiliates / subsidiaries;
(f) Improve content, programs and products advertisement to suit customer preferences;
(g) To improve customer experience by providing pre-populated data forms;

Kindly note that anonymous information such as IP address of the host machine is collected automatically and registration for the same is not necessary.

Please be advised that third-party advertising companies may be used to track and record advertisements appearing on our web pages. Said tracking is carried out by the usage of cookies and action tags and is used for the purpose of measuring advertisement effectiveness. In the light of above, kindly note that we have no access or control over any and all information amassed by these cookies. To learn more about cookies and related information, please refer to “Cookies and Other Tracking Methods" below.

Bulletin Boards/Chat Rooms

Usage of DegreeNexus bulletin boards / chat rooms is subject to user’s agreement of undertaking responsibility for any and all information submitted therein. DegreeNexus is not to be held responsible or liable for usage of such information submitted by users on said bulletin boards / chat rooms by other users and /or third parties.

Usage and Disclosure of Information

Any and all information submitted by the users will be used for the purpose of providing schools with the relevant inquisitor background and queries. Once a query has been placed the academic institution may choose to advise the inquisitor by contacting them via the contact information provided by the customer.

Any and all information submitted by users is utilized for the purpose of managing business activities and offering users with information related to customer services, technical support and the likes. Information related to changes to our website and other promotional offers regarding products and related services and other marketing offers from DegreeNexus and its affiliates and partners is also shared with our users through the contact details provided by them.

DegreeNexus never provides, sells, or allows usage of any and all personal information submitted by its users to any third party, advertisers and other non- affiliates, apart from those already stated in the privacy statement / terms and conditions. In the event where particular information about user(s) is required to be used or provided to any other party, the same shall be notified to the concerned user(s). Users reserve all rights to allow or decline usage of such requested data. In case provision is made by the user for allowing the usage of said data, such disclosure will override any and all terms stated to the contrary in this policy. DegreeNexus cannot be held responsible or liable for the usage of such data.

DegreeNexus may allow usage of personal information submitted by users for the purpose of improving the quality of service and user experience; however such usage of data is subject to the approval of users. Such data will specifically be provided to third parties for the above stated purpose and under no circumstances will be made available for any other / marketing purposes.

DegreeNexus also makes use of user personal information for the purpose of providing information, newsletters and other promotional offers to users. All registered users reserve full rights to decline the use of such services if they so wish, by following the unsubscribing instructions provided in each email.

DegreeNexus representatives may also make use of the user personal information to contact them over telephone for the purpose of getting user feedback and provide follow-up information related to academic opportunities. Please note that representatives may call in spite of the contact number being registered under the National Do Not Call list. Contribution to the survey is strictly voluntary and users reserve full rights to opt-out of participating in such surveys in the future. All calls of such nature are recorded for quality control and monitoring purposes only and will not be shared with outside entities.


Users interested in keeping themselves updated about all happenings at DegreeNexus may subscribe to our newsletters. Please note that user name and email address will be used to enable us to send the newsletters. Users may choose at any time to opt out of our newsletter services. For more information on same please refer to section "Choice / Opt-out."


Our affiliates program would require interested candidates to provide details including but not limited to their name, company name and address, email address and telephone numbers. Further information for interested and suitable candidates is provided via email or telephone including details about our affiliates program, its benefits, commitments etc. Interested candidates can then decide the program’s suitability and proceed accordingly. After the initiation process, candidates may choose to opt out of receiving further information or emails according to their preference by emailing us at, or by following the instructions for unsubscribing added in each promotional email.

Service-related Announcements

Kindly be advised that any all service related announcements will be made via emails only in the unexpected circumstance of our regular services being put offline due to maintenance or other unforeseen reasons. Registered members may not opt out of receiving such information via emails. If you no longer wish to receive such service related information, kindly de-activate your account with DegreeNexus. [For further information on the same please refer to "Choice and Opt-out."]

Legal Disclaimer

Please be advised that DegreeNexus will not be held responsible for disclosure of any and all information submitted by a user if the same is required by law or court order and /or is deemed necessary to safeguard our legal and other rights.


Any and all information submitted by users is subject to user approval prior usage in matters of placing queries to various academic institutions. Furthermore users may choose to opt out of receiving additional marketing and promotional offers and services by specifying the same as their preference on the Request for Information forms.

If users longer feel the need of our newsletters and other promotional services and information, the same can be confirmed by following the instructions provided in the newsletters and /or promotional emails for unsubscribing. Alternatively users may email to us at for unsubscribing. Additionally, kindly note that users may also exercise the option to receive only specific promotional information suiting their requirements.

Any and all attempts at unwarranted use of personal information will be notified to the concerned users immediately. Users have full rights to decline such usage of information by any unrelated third parties.

Cookies and Other Tracking Methods

DegreeNexus may make use of cookies on our website for the purpose of saving user preferences and use it to provide a more personal experience to the users, each they log in. Additionally information can be tracked and saved via user activities on our website or by their IP addresses. However, under no circumstances shall such information be used for any other purpose than that which is stated above.

Log Files

Please be advised that certain information is collected automatically and stored in the log files for our webpages. This information includes Internet protocol (IP) addresses, Internet service provider (ISP), browser information, operating system, date/time stamp, referring/exit pages, and click stream data.

Usage of such non-identifying data is made solely for the purpose of examining user activity trends, collect demographic information about the user base. Additionally such information also provides for site administration purposes. However under no circumstances, is such automatically collected data connected to personally identifiable information.

Third party tracking services, including but not limited to cookies may be used to track non-personally identifiable information about visitors to draw usage and volume statistics for the purpose of website modification and development.

Links to Other Sites

Kindly note that our website may also feature links to external websites belonging to unrelated and unaffiliated parties. DegreeNexus may not be held responsible for any and all information submitted to any such external website since we are not liable for the privacy policies of other external sources. The privacy statement provided here applies only to information gathered by our website. Responsibility for submission of any information to external web pages lies solely with the users.

Access to Personally Identifiable Information

If one wishes to change any or all information submitted by them, or no longer finds use of our services, the same can be done by resubmitting the relevant information or opting out respectively.

Age Issues

As per DegreeNexus policy, users must be thirteen (13) years of age or above to make use of our services and information. Kindly note that any personal / sensitive information submitted by users below stated age will be considered as a direct violation of our rules and policies and will rightfully be removed. The company cannot be held responsible for such direct violations.

Transferability of Information

Kindly be advised that all information submitted in line with the stated Privacy Policy may be stored and processed within the United States of America or any other country in which, DegreeNexus or its agents maintain their assets and uphold facilities. Usage of our website automatically approves any transfer of Personal Information outside of your country, should we find it necessary.

In the event of a merger or acquisition by another organization, or upon the sale of partial or all of our assets, any and all personal Information submitted will be amidst the assets transferred to the new company. The said company may handle such Information in line with its own procedures and policies which may be contrary to any and all terms of the Privacy Policy stated here.


Generally accepted industry standards are followed at DegreeNexus to safeguard any and all personal information submitted to us. Such standards ensure the safe receipt, maintenance and usage of data during any data transmission or other related transactions. To that effect, please note that electronic storage and transmission is never foolproof and we strive to use commercially acceptable means to safeguard your personal information. DegreeNexus may not be held responsible or liable for breaches in security unless there has been a specific instance of failure in our security measures. For more information on safety measures on our Web site, you can email us at

Information on the Web Site

Information provided on this web site may have technical inaccuracies or typographical errors and may be altered or updated without providing prior notices. DegreeNexus also hold full administrative rights to make improvements and/or changes in the products and/or services stated at any time without prior notices.

Changes in this Privacy Statement

DegreeNexus reserves full rights to modify the privacy policy at any time. Such changes in policy will be notified to all our registered users and a copy of the privacy statement will be uploaded on our website to inform users regarding information submission, collection and their usage. Additionally such material changes in the policy will be copied to our users via email for their reference.