According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 60% of the current workforce aged 25-44 hold a Bachelor’s or graduate degree of some type; however, for many, returning to school and spending four years earning their Bachelor’s degree may not be feasible. For those who simply need an education to further pursue their career or chosen profession, a Vocational degree could be the perfect answer.

Vocational degrees, often referred to as certificates or diplomas, are designed to prepare individuals to pursue a specific career or job field. These degrees focus less on core education subjects such as English, Math, and Science, and place an emphasis on specialized courses determined by one’s career path. Vocational degrees may be a great choice for students who do not have the time or resources to attend a four year institution, or are ready to pursue entry into the job market in less time.


Vocational degrees offer an incredibly wide variety of career choices. Individuals who possess these degrees may be able to pursue careers in just about any job field. Professions include but are not limited to:

• Accounting
• Carpentry
• Electrician
• Graphic Design
• Cooking & Catering
• Small Business Management
• Teaching Assistant
• Retail Management
• Property Management
• Welding
• Automotive Mechanic
• Wedding Planner
• Travel Agent
• Real Estate
• Plumbing
• Physical Therapy Aide
• Pharmacy Technician
• Medical Billing & Coding
• Locksmith
• Jewelry Repair & Design
• Marketing & Communications
• Hotel & Restaurant Management
• Computer Programming
• Computer Networking
• Fashion Design
• Floral Design
• Interior Decorating
• Massage Therapy
• Medical Office Assistant


There is no standard, textbook curriculum for vocational courses. While many two and four year degrees require core classes in English, Math, and Science, vocational degrees typically require only courses which directly correlate to the student’s chosen profession or job market. Because vocational programs are usually much shorter in length, classes are typically highly specialized. The main objective of any vocational degree is to prepare the student with the skills and knowledge to pursue the profession of their choice.